NEXT EDITION  –  FR 19/07/2024


You lost items at the party and you like to check if we found your belongings?

The best is to submit this form. It will help us to contact you as soon as possible.
If we found your item we will send it to the provided address.
If you are staying in Cologne in a hotel we can arrange the delivery to the hotel. Please provide your departure date.
We will contact you by mail as soon as possible.

it is very helpful if you decribe your item as presicly as possible. It help as if you decribe it like "it's a key ring with a green rabbit on it. It has 5 keys, one is a BMW key." and not only "key ring"
Depature Date
Please notice that we need your name and address and if a hotel address you need to make sure that the name is known by the hotel.