NEXT EDITION  –  FR 19/07/2024



Xtreme! is a men only fetish event! Over 2.000 guys are partying with us every year in their favorite gear – please make sure you are following the dresscode! We’re sure there’s a bit of fetish in everone! Your fetish is not listed? No problem, just be authentic and convince our sorter or send us an email in advance! Denim is no longer part of the official dresscode. In the past years this led to too many misunderstandings as wearing jeans and harness are not part of our fetish philosophy!


Full rubber suit, rubber (f-wear, neoprene) shirt, harness, jacket, trousers, chaps, shorts, boots, work shoes, sneaks


Full leather suit, racing suit or leather shirts, harness, waistcoat, jacket leather trousers, chaps, shorts, boots, work shoes


Genuine full sporting suit, genuine sports shirt, jackets, trousers, shorts, sneakers


Full army suit, army shirt, waistcoat, jacket, army trousers, shorts, boots, work shoes


Official uniform suit, official uniform shirts, jackets, pants, shorts, boots, works shoes, unform shoes


Naked, underwear, boots, work shoes, sneakers


Skin shirts, skin bleachers, boots





Explode your muscles in your tight costumes in lycra or latex

Of course you can also combine the different types – feel free to be creative. There is only one main rule – no classic streetwear. Simple jeans without any other fetish piece are not considered as fetish. Not sure about your outfit? Drop us a line – we’ll help you!